Encontro do Euro-CASE Innovation Platform
30 Outubro, 2013

Encontro em Lisboa da Innovation Platform do Euro-CASE 
Neste encontro foi debatido o position paper “Boosting Innovation in Europe: USA-EU - Why the innovation gap? Horizon 2020, How to boost Innovation?” (em anexo), no âmbito da preparação do tema da Conferência Annual do Euro-Case, tendo sido apresentado pela Prof. Doutora Paula Diogo, a convite da Direcção.

13:00      Welcome of Participants
13:15      Lunch
14:00      Opening


Prof. Dr Fernando Santana
President of the Portuguese Academy of Engineering      
Prof. Dr Bjorn O. Nilsson
Chair of the Euro-CASE Innovation Platform

Prof. Dr Paulo Sá e Cunha
Vice-President of Agência de Inovação (Portuguese Agency for Innovation)


15:00      EU-Foresight activities (Request from Anne Glover)

16:30      Coffee Break
17:00      Introduction to the topic “Boosting Innovation in Europe”

              Prof. Dr M. Paula Diogo
17:30      Discussion
18:45      Closing remarks
20:00      Dinner


31 October, 2013


08:45 Arrival of participants
09:00 Working on the text and finalizing the Euro-CASE policy papers:

09:15 Innovation Procurement (Sweden)

09:45 Financing Innovation (UK)

10:15 Innovation and Changing Industry Structure (Finland)

10:45 Transforming Manufacturing (Spain)

12:30 Discussion about the meeting in France

13:00   Farewell
13:15 Lunch